Photo Journal 1: Signs and Posters

Okay I fibbed a bit, the photo journal is coming before my blog on art and creativity but after I saw Jen’s photos and finished mine I wanted to make the journal! So these are my first efforts, I have quite a few photos (and there will be more when we hit my side of the neighborhood!) so I divided them by theme. Tentatively, the categories will be Signs/Posters, Architecture, Weird shit in store windows (warning: some of these will be gross!) and Nature (when Spring hits there will be a lot of nature, and I mean *a lot*!) Some of the photos are untouched, some have been cropped and/or manipulated, and some are HDR. Anyway hope you enjoy them! (you can click on the thumbnails to see the full size photos as well) 🙂

Chicago Hope
Logan Square Eagle Fence
Green Party
Me Me
Vision Celestial
Bike Winter
Las Meninas
Rocking Horse
Albany Food & Liquor
Hotel Milshire

~ by Caroline on March 8, 2011.

2 Responses to “Photo Journal 1: Signs and Posters”

  1. Love it! Have to say my favorite is rondando…the colors work fabulously with the art work. I can’t wait until we can go again. 😀

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