Closer to British citizenship!!! (I hope)

So rumor is that they are going to pass an exemption to the fee for 4C applications so children of UK mothers won’t have to pay £550 when children of UK Fathers never did. It almost seems to good to be true but I found these links and which says:

“7.16 Before 1 January 1983, children born to British fathers automatically became British citizens by descent. By contrast, children born to British mothers could not acquire citizenship by descent. This situation was rectified by the British Nationality Act 1981 which provided for both British men and women to be able to pass on British citizenship by descent to children born to them after 1 January 1983. However, this change to nationality law did not capture those who had been born to British mothers before 1 January 1983. Section 4C was introduced into the British Nationality Act 1981 in April 2003 to allow persons born before 1983 that had been denied British nationality at birth when born to a British mother, to apply to register as British Citizens .

7.17 We propose introducing a fee waiver where a person makes an application for a Nationality registration in reliance upon section 4C of the British Nationality Act 1981 to better align the position of those applicants to that of applicants born to British fathers Registering as British Citizens.”

So this would be awesome!!! because it was looking like I would be paying well over $1,200 just to get my citizenship which if my Mom had been born with a penis I would have only pay the cost of the passport about £126. I could have British citizenship by Christmas…

This is the second happiest day of my life after finding out about British citizenship by descent in the first place…

~ by Caroline on November 6, 2010.

2 Responses to “Closer to British citizenship!!! (I hope)”

  1. try Michael Turberville has been campaigning for us (children of British Mothers) for quite some time

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