CPRS is back!

CPRS Logo And what a long strange trip it’s been. We are doing it right this time, properly incorporating, focusing on helping people and not solely on making a name for ourselves, and committing the time and energy it requires to run a Paranormal group. Already, we have several private home investigations, some public meetup stuff, and we are going to start picking and training new members in the fall. I am also broadening my horizons and foraying into other aspects of paranormal phenomena but I will save that for another post (and when I have more details!) CE is doing a fantastic job as the new Case Manager, coordinating the investigations, as well as networking with others in the field to help clients that don’t want an investigation but have other needs we can’t fulfill. And I am not going to lie, I think the website looks pretty sharp and I’ve made it so we now have live updates on the front page. J is doing a bang up job too with the business end of things, filing the paperwork, writing the bylaws, keeping the books and the bank account. K is leading her first investigation with SD to lead his first one right after. It’s exciting times and finally after 4 years we are moving in the right direction instead of just spinning our wheels!


~ by Caroline on August 28, 2010.

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