Procession @ Late Bar

So I finally came out of hermithood and went with C to Procession at Late Bar Tuesday ( it’s one of her DJ nights) it used to be at Subterranean but I’m glad it moved I like Late Bar *a lot* better.

We got there kinda early but I was soooo happy to be in air conditioning I didn’t mind waiting around while they set up. (not only is our fridge broken, so is our AC. joy. ) C was kind enough to buy me a few drinks,  I had grape soda with vanilla vodka I don’t know if they have a name cause I think J might have made them up, but it’s a variation on the Purple Martin which is grape soda and Malibu. I nearly slipped into a diabetic coma, but damn it was tasty. Someday when I am solvent again I want to try the coconut creme martini, well that and pretty much the whole cocktail menu!

The music was obviously awesome, and it was a pretty good turnout for a Tuesday night. I did have to run up the road to the Walgreens for a snack about halfway through, no dinner left me a bit light headed!

I was also glad to see A and E there even after A told me he wasn’t going to show up. Ha E persuaded him , good girl!

Late Bar

I love their coasters, you can put them on your drink if you have to leave it and it has a hole for the straw! I thought this was quite clever…

The crowd at Procession

At the bar.

And I need British beer!

And we finish with some cheez 😉

~ by Caroline on May 28, 2010.

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