I want to go to the lost gardens!

The Lost Gardens of Heligan in Cornwall! It’s like a giant Secret Garden only not in Yorkshire! It was left to rot after WWI when many of it’s gardeners left for the war and never came back. The manor house (which was built in the 1200’s) was converted into flats in the 70’s but the abandoned gardens weren’t discovered until 1990 by and have been continuously restored for the last 20 years. It has a working Victorian kitchen garden where they only grow varieties and only using tools from that era. The also have a subtropical “jungle” that reminds me of the Conservatory here only not under glass, and a wildlife area. I think my favorite bit though, is the Wider Estate which consists of woodland, pastures, and wetlands. It seems to have a magical quality about it especially the woodland, helped no doubt by the whimsical and beautiful sculptures (very earthy and Pagan as well) tucked away in the woods. There are also some beautiful old trees all curved and looking like they came straight out of a fairy tale!

And to top it all off,  I love their website, it’s the kind of design I’d make, very old fashioned in design in keeping with the theme but so elegant and easy to navigate and I love the little nature inspired adornments on the photos! They also have a gardeners blog and a podcast!

Just one more reason to go to Cornwall 🙂

~ by Caroline on May 21, 2010.

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