It’s been a year…

since I last posted. The irony (or tragedy I suppose depending on how you look it at) is that I didn’t need to change much.  I suppose the two major changes would be my resignation from the Chicago Paranormal Research Society and my being elected Artisan Guild Chief in ADF. We will also be moving at the end of June to a new apartment ( a whole drama filled headache that I’d rather not get into, let’s just say I learned an important lesson in regard to picking roommates.) I am also still looking for a job.

After thinking about it,  I decided that this was the perfect time to resurrect the old blog. My life has reached that blank slate status yet again so it’s always a good idea to begin at the “beginning”.  🙂

My biggest desire, as anyone who knows me at all knows, is to move the UK. I have wanted to live there since I went to visit family when I was five. Castles, ancient Roman walls, giant chalk men that scared the poop out of me (I still have no idea why) gardens, the beach, the English Channel, Brighton, cottages, Rupert Bear, Christmas crackers, McVities, Wall’s Soft Whip ice cream, wild animals you could see right out the car window, Sindy, my Barbie’s British friend… yup, I was hooked.  The couple of trips I took as an adult only fueled the fire and I could add pubs, London, the High Street, Yorkshire puddings with Sunday Roast, Football, giant chalk men that made me giggle, Scotland,  Glastonbury Festival,  ghosts,  Stone Circles, The Lake District, Hedgerows, The Jurassic Coast, and British television to the list.  Lucky for me my Mom is British and therefore I can get Citizenship by Descent. Granted I will have to pay an exorbitant fee as well as have my character assessed to make sure I am fit to be a British citizen (things I would not have to do if my Father had been British instead, but that is a whole different issue) but dammit I will be a British Citizen!!!

Now I know that it won’t be all peaches and roses, but if I don’t do it, I know I will regret it forever. And as J keeps telling me, if I don’t like it, I can always come back. Unlike most people who move ‘cross the pond I won’t be doing it to be with a significant other (unless I get really lucky in the next year!) so I will be going solo which has the advantage of flexibility but the disadvantage of being alone.  Since Nana has passed away and Uncle H moved to Thailand I won’t have any family there to speak of either so needless to say it will be quite an adventure!

Of course I have plenty of things to sort out here at home before I venture anywhere further than Indiana! I am trying to concentrate on finding employment, I think I took a bit of a confidence jolt when I didn’t get any of the jobs at Wholefoods, all of which I was extremely qualified for. I realize it’s probably not anything to do with me, last I heard there were six applicants for every job in Chicago right now. Anyway chin up, something will come through, it always does, and I might qualify for some job training so we’ll see. I think I would like to try and get another admin job, as I think that will be a greater help to me when looking for a job in the UK then a retail job will (although both Wholefoods and Costco have stores in the UK).  I’d like the new apartment to be as cheap as we can get as I will be saving every penny for the “big move” but one that is still livable especially since C will be living in it after I leave.

Well that’s quite good I think for a first entry.  🙂

~ by Caroline on May 20, 2010.

2 Responses to “It’s been a year…”

  1. Well, Dark Angel, whatever we can do to help you realize your dream, we’ll do our damnedest. A good friend of mine moved to the UK a few years ago (married a Brit) – he’d be a good resource for you. Remind me when I see you next to get you two in touch!

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