Beltaine 2008

 For Beltaine this year we went to our usual grove in the forest preserve. The weather was perfect, sunny and warm, and the preserve was full of misty green leaves and apple blossoms.  As always the Nature Spirits were there to greet us. There were squirrels, blackbirds, robins, and in particular two butterflies that were very interested in us. One even landed on

‘s back several times. This year, we decided to have Mebh as our Diety of the occasion. This is a bit different than what we normally do especially since we were really evoking three separate beings with the same name, although at the time we only really knew about two and honestly weren’t thinking of it that way. First is Queen Mab ( the anglicized spelling, also Maeve ) queen of Faerie. We honored her as Queen of the Otherworld, and the Spirits of Nature, as is fitting for this time of year when the veil between us and the fey are said to be thinnest, and nature is exploding with growth after the cold lifeless winter. The other Queen Medb was the legendary queen of Connacht of

Táin Bó Cúailnge fame. She is a mythic heroic ancestor representing abundance, feminine power, strength, sexuality, and sovereignty. She was strong, voracious, and compelling, her name is purportedly derived from “mead” and means intoxicating. The third Medb is Medb Lethderg a Goddess of Sovereignty connected to Tara, which I knew there was a third Medb but didn’t know anything about her. As you can see though, we ended up having a different Medb representing each of the three Worlds, Ancestors, Nature Spirits, and Gods. We really focused on Medb as queen of the faerie folk, but I also brought a Goddess deck card with Medb of Connacht on it as well cause I always thought she was rather kick ass!

Wild Onion really outdid itself this year for Beltaine I have to say.

  and I made an effigy of Medb and we also made a crown of flowers to crown her with (pictures will be forthcoming as soon as I get them from

  .) Anne wrote a poem and a song for Medb, Jeremy and

  reenacted the Queen Mab speech from Romeo and Juliet, I wrote a small thing for when we crowned Her:

Mebh, blessed Queen of the Greenworld,
Queen of lush prosperity and abundance
Queen of the unseen dwellers of the Otherworld
Queen who will receive us as we pass from this world to the next
Mebh we honor you, we crown you this Beltaine
May your blessings ever flow upon our land
Mebh, we give you our honor, our hope and joy, and our love.


 also said poems and sung songs celebrating the spring season and to honor Medb. Besides the crowning, we also offered a bouquet of flowers for the offering, and Jeremy burned fragrant woods he brought back from New Mexico. For the Omen, Anne brought two new oracle decks, one was the Victorian Flower Oracle and Brian Froud’s Faerie Oracle. We felt that these would be very appropriate given the holiday and we also like to try new things.
The Omen for the Grove was:
Water Arum – roots and ties
Wild Rose – a thorny question
Narcissus – vanity
Primrose & Snowdrop – hope (this one fell out of the deck whilst the cards were being shuffled)
We used the Faerie Oracle for the personal omens, I got The Singer of Initiation

 Breakthrough. Drawing this card notifies us that significant change and challenge are both occurring in our lives, with the potential for moving into a new realm, which involves a new way of being. This major change has been building for a long time and the moment is now here to meet this challenge. We may already be aware of the initiation process but perhaps have only seen it as bad luck or fate. It is neither. It is an opportunity to see if we have, deep down, truly learned the lessons we have been working on and are willing to apply them in our lives. Often, knowing just what the initiation is about can seem one of its most difficult aspects of the process. However, once passed, it eventually will all become clear in hindsight. For now we only need to know, as this Singer said to Nancy, It can be done–look with your heart. The presence of the Singer of Initiation in a reading often presages a period of success, of seeing, accepting, and using our own powers at a higher and more ethical level. We move into greater fulfillment of our potentials. It also means taking on a new level of responsibility for ourselves and in the world. The gate is open to us but we must take the action of stepping through it.

I took it to mean I was on the right track with my DP, but the interpretation seems to be a little more far reaching than that, which gives me much to think about. For the return flow we had seeds planted into little peat pots which of course we asked blessings on, it’s kind of nice to have a return that stays with you, it’s a very tangible way to watch your blessings grow. We then ended the rite, picked some litter we found scattered around, and proceeded to


‘s house to feast on sandwiches, potato salad, and homemade Blackberry Buckle and ice cream.

~ by Caroline on May 12, 2008.

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