when fluffy orange monsters attack (and paranormal radio)

Pumpkin is lucky I am against animal cruelty because I swear he is hellbent on destroying everything in this house. When he is not using my luggage as a personal scratching post, he is knocking over my flower crown I am making for Queen Medb for Beltaine. I had all the flowers and strawberries all where I wanted them and he knocked it off the table, although it does not appear to be chewed on. I do have to replace all the flowers where they were and hope it still looks as good as it did this afternoon. That and I had to lock him in the damn bathroom while 

was giving her interview for Paranormal Interest Radio because he would not shut up. But he is fuzzy and cute and 

is convinced he is a nature spirit although our friend Jen thinks he is Eric Cartman trapped in a cat’s body which I personally think is more accurate. The interview went really well and I thought  

represented CPRS very well, you should be able to hear the podcast on the website.

~ by Caroline on April 28, 2008.

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