I think I may be able to silk paint again!

I have, hopefully, found a reasonable alternative to silk so I can continue silk painting. I found a website that sells bamboo “silk” and I ordered a sample to see if it would take the paint and the resist and so far it has done both. The fabric itself is lighter weight than I thought it would be (in this case, a very good thing) and has a silky sheen and feel to it. The only thing I am worried about is that it won’t keep the sheen with the paint on it, and won’t have quite the same depth and brilliance that real silk does. However I think I will buy a yard of it and paint my peacock design on it and see how it goes. I am also excited because this fabric could be made into clothing, replacing silk in my wardrobe. The downside is cost which is $16 a yard. Some of the real silk at Joann’s is $14 and the flat crepe real silk  at Dharma Trading Co. is only $6.95 yard. And I just found out looking at Dharma’s site that they now also have bamboo fabric although what they have will probably not be suitable for silk painting, but at $11.99 a yard is a better price range for clothes making. I am really happy though that bamboo cloth is becoming available, I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to silk paint ever again!


~ by Caroline on April 28, 2008.

7 Responses to “I think I may be able to silk paint again!”

  1. You might take a look at Thai Silks website (http://www.thaisilks.com/), I buy a lot of my silks for sewing and such there.
    And wanna see you painting :D:D

    • oh the reason I didn’t want to use silk is because I don’t use animal products, especially ones that kill the animal (found shells or something is different of course) that’s why I was excited to find bamboo silk 🙂 I would like to get my painting done and bring it to Wellspring but I doubt I will have time unfortunately :/

  2. We’ll have to get you over to Textile Discount Outlet in Pilsen. HUGE selection – you could get lost in this store (Erin, Babs and I did, looking for cloth for our robes).

    • do they have bamboo silk? I need to make robes before Wellspring, I wanted to make some for Beltaine but there isn’t time, Colleen wants to do a mock up in muslin first.

      • They may – I’d have to ask Erin, but they have pretty much everything. It’s cavernous, I tell ya. I’ll ask her when I speak to her next, and let you know!

      • it’s pretty new but if they stock as much as you say they do then they may have gotten some as soon as it was available.

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