Dedicant Study: Spring Equinox 2008

Spring Equinox 2008


For the Spring Equinox this year Wild Onion Grove was invited by the local Pagan meetup group to do the Equinox ritual. They  try and get a different tradition to lead the ritual for all of the High Days. I have to say, we rocked it! Before the rite our liturgist and very long time ADFer 

gave a brief lecture about ADF and I thought it went very well. We always use the Earth Mother as the Diety of the occasion and this rite was no different. We stuck to very standard ADF ritual structure (no mad experimenting as we have been doing lately) as we were presenting an ADF rite to the Pagan masses so to speak.  We did almost start the night with the closing song rather than the opening one, but it’s not a Wild Onion celebration unless something silly happens. And true to form, I get a part of the rite that I have to do off the cuff and I always get nervous and end up sounding like a dumbass. Well the Gods were with me that night as I nailed the Well invocation and really everyone did an amazing job, no interruptions or forgetting anything. 

did a great story, his Bardic and storytelling skills are coming along nicely. The only small hitch was the “Turning of the Wheel” which we do every Solstice and Equinox where we all turn in a circle to symbolize the circle of the seasons. Well it’s a great idea with 8-10 people but there were almost 50 people there and the bookstore where we held the rite was long and thin. We did it but it was a fairly long and arduous task that had my shoulder sockets twisted in many new and different ways. After that we feasted, it was a potluck and I ended up serving my Hazelnut Chocolate cupcakes as part of the feast and not as the return flow as two dozen cupcakes were not enough for everyone!



~ by Caroline on April 22, 2008.

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  1. Did you take an Omen? What were they?

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