Dedicant Study: Samhain 2005


Samhain 2005


As we do every year, Wild Onion Grove traveled to the Forest Home cemetery to perform our Samhain rite at the United Ancient Order of Druids monument. However, this year we did something a little different. In addition to honoring our own Ancestors, Gods and Spirits, we also honored the lost peoples, forgotten Gods, and extinct species of our planet.  We remembered the vanished and dying tribes of the Americas, the African Diaspora, and the forgotten people of Asia such as the Tocharian of Mongolia. We honored the Nunnehi and the Yunwe Chuns Dee, the not quite lost immortals and fey of the Cherokee, as well as the forgotten Gods of the Norse, the Gods of the Tocharian, and many others. We mourned the loss of the Passenger Pigeon, Dodo, the wolves that once roamed Europe and N. America, the Seller’s Sea cow and many more, too many more unfortunately. 

At the beginning meditation as we mentally traveled to the gates of the Otherworld, I not only had visions of my own ancestors, but I spontaneously had a vision of all the ancestors. I saw peoples from all periods of time and nationalities, from the Stone Age to the Atomic Age and every continent. As the rite progressed, geese kept flying overhead (which I thought was rather Otherworldly) and as always, there was a sense of the ancestors around the circle. At one point, I got the distinct impression that someone was standing right behind my left shoulder, I believe it was definitely one of my ancestors but I don’t know who it might have been. However, the presence was very strongly felt.

The sacrifice went well, the Omen was favorable (Page of Cups, The Magician, and the Hierophant) and personally I took this to mean the Gods were pleased with Wild Onion’s renewed vigor and commitment to our Path. We also performed the Unity rite as we did at the Autumnal Equinox with Ravenswood Grove.

At the closing meditation as we bade the Ancestors farewell at the gates of the Otherworld, I had another spontaneous vision. All they ancestors were still there but they were different, they stood taller, the warriors stronger, the enslaved free of chains, the lost safe at home. They all looked much happier then they did at the beginning of the rite as they waved farewell. This leads me to think we should do this every year, perhaps not as the main focus, but as a part of the rite as I think we may have done some good.

The rite then ended as it began, we excited the circle from the east but we had one more task before we could feast. Someone had placed a silver dollar into the unity cauldron in hopes that we could offer it as a sacrifice to running water source. So we stopped at the bridge in the cemetery and offered it to the Des Plaines River. Then we feasted on homemade manicotti, chicken chili enchilada casserole, salad, garlic bread, cupcakes and homemade pumpkin pistachio cannolis.


~ by Caroline on April 22, 2008.

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