Dedicant Study: Imbolc 2004

Imbolc 2004

I attended my Grove’s Imbolc celebration this year at the Irish American Heritage Center here in Chicago. We had a standard ADF style ritual dedicated of course to Brighid. We found that among her many wonderful attributes, she also has a great sense of humor! But I’ll get to that in a minute. We entered the area in front of the Altar, which was set with a picture of Brighid in her 3 aspects, among other things. (Note to self, bring camera next time!) The ritual continued to go smoothly with people giving offerings to Brighid (I actually offered mine when I got home), and we had the Omen, and then we got to the consecration and sharing. That was when it went a bit pear shaped. The pomegranate juice was poured, consecrated and then 

took a sip…. and promptly ran to the garbage can to spit it out! There was something wrong with the juice! Others took a sip with much the same reaction. So they took the glass with the juice to pour it out in the sink in the bathroom and then the problem was discovered; it wasn’t pomegranate juice, it was blue dye! There had been a bottle mix up and no one could tell because the chalice is red glass! Needless to say we found a substitute and drank that instead (Hawaiian Punch Green Berry Blast from the vending machine) The cookies were delicious however. After that the ritual took on a much lighter note, as we couldn’t stop laughing! After the ritual we went to the pub to eat and drink (and to take the taste of dye out of people’s mouths! Happily, the dye was a non-toxic vegetable dye but it still tasted nasty) At the pub after a single Guinness I started to inadvertently call the Artisans Guild the Artesians Guild! (I actually don’t blame the Guinness for that, I’m just dippy) Anyway much fun was had by all. When I got home I was inspired to finish some things I had started but hadn’t finished yet. So I got my Home Shrine set up, finished the silk painting (I am trying to find a substitute for silk or I may have to give up “silk” painting altogether, I found some bamboo silk I am getting a sample sent to me we will see how that goes) that goes with it and got all of this written down and ready to upload and I have an idea for my next project! This in combination with the fact that I didn’t ask for last night off from work but I got it anyway (I never get Sat night off unless I ask for it) plus I got Sun and Mon off as well (practically unheard of) makes me wonder if Brighid is trying to tell me something…. I was born almost on Imbolc too…hmmm food for thought.


~ by Caroline on April 22, 2008.

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