Dedicant Shrine

So I am going to use my LJ to document my Dedicant Studies. As I extract my writings off my old computer they will also be posted here.

My first entry will be for my Shrine, which I put up last weekend after  2 long years.

Shrine_full_view.jpg picture by dreigiau3
As always I still have yet to find an adequate Tree so in the interim, I drew one on the wall with chalk, that hopefully will wash off when I move. I kept the same structure as my last shrine. Ancestors on the left, Nature on the right, Gods in the middle. I of course decorated it for spring which may actually come to Chicago someday, not today of course because it is going to snow, but I digress. Eventually what I would like to do is paint a 3′ by 3′ canvas with the Tree and take all of those God/ess I have tacked up and integrate them into the picture sort of like a collage but better and less third grade. If you could see inside my head that would make more sense. I would like to spray paint the vine candle holders black to better match my room with the black wrought iron things I already have in there, if you could see the rest of my room you would notice that the Shrine is a lot more colorful and “Pagan” than the rest of my room, so a small amount of integration would help me to feel the different areas of my life were slightly less separated, which is something I have noticed happens in Chicago in a way it never did in either Colorado or Tucson but that is a blog for a different day.
Shrine_ancestors2.jpg picture by dreigiau3shrine_ancestors.jpg picture by dreigiau3
So this is the ancestors side. It looks a little bare because most of the stuff is on the shelf i installed to hold the Well. But that just gives me more room to fill with stuff. I am a Pagan therefore I love stuff. It also shows that I did not dust as well I thought I did, stupid flash! So anyway I have the skull candle holder and the Cauldron of death and rebirth and the offering plate (more on that in a bit) and that’s about it, the tchotkies are all on the shelf. Oh and one of my gargoyles defected from the goth dressing table and came to the Shrine. I don’t know why but I don’t question these things.
shrine_shelf_ancestors.jpg Shelf_ancestors picture by dreigiau3
So here is the Ancestors side of the shelf. You will notice in the corner a sugar skull that Moses gave all of us last halloween at the goth meetup. They are for Day of Dead so it doesn’t get more ancestral than that. Below that there is a replica 18th century Scottish coin, a replica of the Battersea Shield I made with polymer clay and a stamp. The terracotta sun that drubear  and seithkarl  gave me isn’t terribly ancestral but it fits there best. Below that is an ADF symbol I made also from polymer clay. The beaded totem pole looking thing is just something I made using seed beads and peyote stitch. It may end up being the handle of a wand or something I don’t know yet.
shrine_the_well.jpg Well_Closeup picture by dreigiau3
The middle of the shelf is the Well. It is a fountain I bought at Walgreen’s. It is out of batteries which is why there is no water in it yet. The hazelnuts are for wisdom and the acorns are for strength. I used the hazelnuts as an offering at Spring Equinox and the Acorns I got at the cemetery of Bartonville insane asylum in Peoria IL. The snake I got from Sarah’s goody bag. The shell I got in England as well as the fossil I found near Nana’s house in the gravel of a path!
shrine_shelf_nature.jpg Shelf_Nature_Spirits picture by dreigiau3
On the Nature Spirits side there are some terribly cute figures I also got at Walgreen’s. A little cheesy but so perfect. Again more shells those are from Florida I believe, one is filled with semi precious gem chips I got at a bead store in Santa Cruz. The triskele I made again out of polymer clay, the copper spiral came from somewhere, and the bronze Goddess I got in a jewelry lot on ebay.
shrine_full_shelf.jpg picture by dreigiau3
the whole shelf.
Shrine_nature_spirits.jpg Shrine_NAture_Spirits picture by dreigiau3
On the Nature Spirit end of the Shrine, there the rose quartz candle holder, the Cauldron of Earth although it is also my incense burner. And of course the offering plate.  (continued on next post)


~ by Caroline on April 12, 2008.

4 Responses to “Dedicant Shrine”

  1. 1) I’m a huge fan of the colour.
    2) I love the snake poking out from under the well in that picture!

  2. Wow,
    your shrine is fantastic.
    Beautiful, personal, and honouring of all the kindred.
    Have you thought about posting it to pimp_my_altar? There aren’t enough druid shrines on there!

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