Dedicant Shrine part two

Shrine_fire_well_detail.jpg picture by dreigiau3
And back to the center with the Fire. The fire is supported by a candle holder I got one Christmas at Target, but it is awesome since it is three stags. The Fire is usually not all covered in flowers but I think I got a little carried away hoping for spring. To the right is a candle my friend Cece got me for Solstice, and to the left is a statue of Buddha that I really like, that my parents have had forever so it kind of reminds me of them and also he makes me happy and I can rub his belly for good luck. The offerings for the Gods are in front of the Fire.
Shrine_gods.jpg Shrine_Gods picture by dreigiau3

This is some of my God/ess representations. I can’t afford statues or have time to make any yet, so I got these out of a book of Celtic Mythology and photocopied them and colored them. These along with the Goddess cards

 gave me I hope to integrate with my Tree altar piece I was talking about earlier. It looks a bit unfinished now, but it will be awesome when I am done.
shrine_offerings_ancestors.jpg Offerings_Ancestors picture by dreigiau3
Ancestor offerings. I try to keep up my offerings best I can but I gave up trying to offer milk because you can imagine what that’s like after a few days. Now a few words about these offerings really quickly. I try to make sure each Kindred has a grain, an oil, spices, an alcohol, and  something sweet and each gets rose and orange water. Many times it is what I have in the house that gets used. So the choices are sometimes less symbolic and sometimes what I think sounds nice out of what is available in the kitchen.The tiny offering plates and bowls are again made by me out of polymer clay, the silver plates the rest on are from Target. Staring at the top going clockwise, is spices; cinnamon, nutmeg, and ginger. Next is chili oil, then the rose and orange water. then maple syrup (the real kind!) then spiced rum. In the center are black sesame seeds.
shrine_offering_nature.jpg Offerings_Nature_Spirits picture by dreigiau3
The Nature Spirits get, again going clockwise: spices-cumin, a thyme/rosemary/sage blend, and Chinese 5 spice, next is peach schnapps, molasses, coconut oil, flax seeds and  the rose/orange water.
 shrine_offering_gods.jpg Offerings_Gods picture by dreigiau3
For the Gods, clockwise, spices- garam masala, cayenne, and allspice, next is olive oil, the rose/orange water, then hazelnut liqueur, then agave syrup, and in the middle, quinoa.

So that’s pretty much my shrine thus far. It is always a work in progress, but I am quite satisfied with what I have started. I like the fact that it incorporates the Tree, Well, and Fire, the upper, middle, and under worlds, and of course the Ancestors, Nature Spirits and Gods. Now I just need to get the rest of the room in order…..
MyShrine007-1.jpg picture by dreigiau3
ak! But it will be fun when it’s all done and I will have a dressing table!


~ by Caroline on April 12, 2008.

2 Responses to “Dedicant Shrine part two”

  1. Good essay! Love it!
    I should ask you to draw a tree on my wall with chalk!
    One thing: I did not seen plans for improvement. You’ll need to include those in your final submission (there’s mention here and there about future plans, but nothing really concrete).

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