The Halloween I got set on fire and other memories of Halloween 2007 (condensed version)

Sat Oct 27th- Went to Nocturna at HOB. HOB sux. drank overpriced well drinks. bitched about same. drank more. Won 2nd prize in the costume contest. Was Smog Fairy. had much better time after placing in contest.

Sun Oct 28th- Celebrated Samhain. possibly offended major Diety. probably in deep shit. Went to haunted house with Colleen, Matt, and Nallely. waited in line 3 hours. went into haunted house approx 45 minutes. Not bad but have been to better and cheaper. Good evil clowns.

Monday Oct 29th- Went to Goth meetup. Sold one pair earrings at swap and sale. after went to see Control. Cried. went home talked to sister about film. got choked up again.

Tuesday Oct 30th- went to Halloween Seizure. wondered where everyone else was. suffered disappointment. drank. became zombie. drank. took out frustration on innocent pumpkin. drank.

Wed Oct 31st- went to work as Death. went to Halloween Massacre as Death. drank. ran out of money. drank. waited for Colleen to bring more money and wings. got wings and money. did not win costume contest. drank. was shielded by Alex. was amused by Troy’s indignation at me not winning contest. played with the black light. didn’t drink enough. went home in cab. smelled smoke. smoke got worse. jumped out of cab when breathing and seeing became impossible. realized I was on fire. Stamped wings out on ground. realized Troy set me on fire with cigarette. checked for damage/missing hair. got back in cab. got home. went to bed.


~ by Caroline on November 2, 2007.

2 Responses to “The Halloween I got set on fire and other memories of Halloween 2007 (condensed version)”

  1. Do you want anything back from England?

    • yes please! Nallely said she would bring me a Galaxy chocolate bar. Maybe two so I can send one to my Mom. That’s all I can think of unless you can find some super hot English goth guy to come home with you. not likely though. Have a great trip!

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