x-posted from Myspace : Sorry I am not a racist

So a “Druid” organization friend requested me, and I was quite frankly appalled at their requirements for inclusion in their little society. Click here for their page to see what I mean. You can call me a hippy dippy progressive liberal crazy anarchistic whatever you want but I think this kind of shit stinks. So this is the response I sent them

I am not sure why you friended me as I do not fit any of your requirements and quite frankly feel that they are racist, historically incorrect, elitist, and out of step with modern progressive thinking. Not that is any of your business but my heritage is a mix of a small amount of Celtic (although you missed a few locations such as Cornwall and select places in Northern England as Celtic) English, Native American, German, and Czech. And I would argue that anyone of any European heritage excluding possibly the Southern Mediterranean has Celtic blood as the Celts extended at one point from Turkey to Ireland. Secondly I am not one of the professions you listed, you skipped artists, musicians and writers and all creative professions for a start, I don’t even know why you listed being in the military as a “Druidic” profession considering the ancient Druids were the not the Warrior class of the Celts and were exempt from military service (some Druids were undoubtably Warriors but it certainly wasn’t mandatory, as far as we know, in fact the sources we do have to study seem to state the opposite) Quite honestly, if a person of African, Asian, Native American, or non Celtic European decent that works as anything from a neurosurgeon to a street sweeper feel they are called to be a Druid, then I say more power to them and I would support them on all levels. This is why I belong to a Druid organization that is non-racist and non-elitist. So no I won’t be accepting your friend request because I don’t support racism or elitism.

Dreigiau (Neo-Druid in training)

Opinions anyone? Did I over react or am I right in being disgusted? Obviously people should be free to make societies like this provided they don’t do injury to others, but I certainly don’t need to be a part of it.

~ by Caroline on April 27, 2007.

One Response to “x-posted from Myspace : Sorry I am not a racist”

  1. No, I don’t think you overreacted, Caroline. You explained why you’re not interested quite well (and they are more than a bit creepy), and didn’t rant.
    Power to ya, Sister! 🙂

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