Guns and Crazy people

Am I the only person who realizes that crazy psychopaths are going to go on killing rampages regardless of gun laws? If you are going to commit murder 33 times are you really going to have qualms about obtaining a weapon illegally? Come on. If there is something wrong here it is the fact that none of these spree shooters does this with no warning signs. The guy was a wack job, and everybody knew it!! He wrote disturbing things in class, he wouldn’t talk to anybody, he was becoming increasing violent and erratic, he set fire to a dorm and stalked a female student, WTF else do you need?? A big neon sign above his head that says danger! psychopath! killing spree imminent!? They refered him to counseling, did he go? Was it mandatory? Would it have helped? If they realized just how disturbed he was would they have put him in a nice quiet padded room with heavy medication? Are we so afraid of offending people that we let killers walk among us and just pray that the day they snap we are at home with the flu? Even animals have enough sense to stay away from the “lone wolves” because they just ain’t right, and it is always obvious to those who aren’t afraid to look and do something about it before 33 people have to die.

~ by Caroline on April 17, 2007.

One Response to “Guns and Crazy people”

  1. I agree…
    Now that officials are looking into this more, the signs of an imminent break were there. If I had to point the finger of blame at anyone, it’d be squarely at the crowd who saw the signs, but didn’t want to get involved.
    I don’t think that changing gun laws would prevent sprees like this, either, sadly. I’d love to see the NRA take some responsibility when stuff like this happens, though. The “right to bear arms” crowd has never understood that only the sane and stable deserve that right.

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